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Michael Jordan. Whether you have an interest in basketball or not, Michael Jordan is a name that everyone recognizes. The NBA All Star player rose to a legendary status in the 80’s and 90’s and become the new face of basketball. Along with his rising reputation as a basketball player, Michael Jordan helped to popularize and bring to fame something else: Air Jordan sneakers. In this article, we check out the 10 best Air Jordans shoe models currently available.

Top 10 Best Air Jordans of 2019

Here’s our list of the best Air Jordans that are hot right now. Below are some examples and reasons that show you why a pair of Jordan shoes is the right shoe to invest in:

1. Air Jordan VI “Carmine”

Air Jordan VI Retro Carmine

The Air Jordan VI was first launched in 1991 and was significant because they were the shoes that Jordan wore in his first NBA Championship. Jordan himself designed much of the technology incorporated into this shoe, such as the stronger reinforcement around the heel and toe areas helped to reduce the stress played on those areas when playing.

The Jordan VI was originally available in the following colors: “Black/Infrared”, “White Infrared”, “White/Carmine-Black”, “White/Sports Blue”, and “Off White/Maroon” and has since been re launched many times with various different color schemes. Definitely the  best Jordan retros around.

2. Air Jordan IX “Anthracite”

Air Jordan IX Anthracite

The Air Jordan IX was launched in 1993 and was significant for two reasons: the first was that this was the first sneaker Nike released after Michael Jordan’s retirement from the NBA. The second being that the design of the shoe wasn’t inspired by the sport of basketball, but rather by baseball instead, reflecting Michael Jordan’s entry into the minor-leagues of the game.

So while these might now be the best Jordans for basketball, they are definitely really cool.  The “Anthracite” model was praised for it’s simplicity of design and it’s sleek, all black look.

3. Jordan Nike Air 5 Retro “Pro Stars”

Jordan Nike Air 5 Retro Pro Stars

By the 1990 season, Michael Jordan was on fire. What really stood out to most fans, was his ‘dogfight’ like flight. And that’s really how the Jordan V design came into being. The Air Jordan Pro Stars featured above was inspired by the early 1990s cartoon starring MJ, Wayne Gretzky, and yes Bo Jackson as crime fighting athletes. This look has a lot of flavor, with poison green accents, and bright bold red and speckled tongue. Of course, the slick shark-tooth shapes on the midsole liken the shoe to an American WWII fighter plan.

4. Air Jordan I “UNC”

Air Jordan I UNC

While Michael Jordan is famous for his time with the Bulls, his time playing college basketball with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill was just as big of a part of his career.

The blue and white color scheme is a tribute to Jordan’s time as a Tar Heel and recognizes the early start of his career. Although they were originally launched as a limited edition piece, the shoe model is now widely available and is one of the best selling Jordans of all time.

5. Air Jordan Supreme V “Camo”

Supreme x Air Jordan V Camo

This Supreme – Nike brand collaboration was a very highly anticipated partnership and one that was expected for a long time, and resulted in one of the best pair of Jordans ever. While Nike has collaborated on shoes with Supreme in the past, this project was unlike any other as the skater-esque Supreme style of fashion highly contrasted the very high performance and athletic nature of Air Jordans.

Nevertheless, the two matched in perfect harmony as we see the classic Jordan style shoe shape, with a very athletic build, infused with elements of the Supreme colors and branding style, making these shoes some of the best Jordan shoes ever.

6. Air Jordan I “Shattered Backboard”

Air Jordan I Shattered Backboard

The iconic thing about many of the Air Jordan shoes is that they attempt to re-create the more memorable moments of Michael Jordan’s basketball career. These are some of the best Nike Jordans around, and the “Shattered Backboard” design recreated Michael Jordan’s epic slam-dunk in an exhibition game in Italy in 1986, where the 3-pointer shattered the backboard.

While the orange/black color (reflecting the uniform Jordan was wearing during that particular game) suits a Halloween style prop rather than an athletic shoe, the shoe itself was another very popular recreation of the original Jordan shoes.

7. Air Jordan XII “Public School”

Public School x Jordan XII

Public School is a clothing line based out of New York aimed towards creating menswear and womenswear with an edge of street style design. Pairing up with Air Jordan Nike, the Public School x Jordan XII design is intended to be worn by the more formal, menswear users while still having the athletic appeal of the typical Jordan shoes, and are arguably the best looking Jordans ever. The dark gray and high, sleeker shoe style easily appeals to both demographics and the design received positive reception from the buyers.

8. Air Jordan II Retro Don C “Beach”

Air Jordan II Retro Just Don

The Air Jordan IIs were the first reinvention of the Jordan I, first launched in 1987. It has been redesigned and re-launched many times since. Like all Jordan shoes it has the build of a basketball shoe and is made with luxury material, such as quilted blue leather and a matching blue suede material.

Just as the Jordan II redefined the Jordan I, the Just Don x Jordan II redefined and created a new genre of shoe: sports luxury. These are high up the list of the best Jordans ever.

9. Air Jordan IV Retro “Fear Pack – Oreo”

Air Jordan IV Oreo

The Jordan IV was first released in 1989 and it was also the first Air Jordan shoe that was launched outside of the United States. The “Oreo” retro fit was praised for being made with supreme quality and durability, makeing these some of the best Jordans to buy.

While criticized for being more “function over fashion”, the new model still has a very impressive gray and black finish which makes it more accessible to shoppers looking for the quality of a Jordan shoe without the athletic appearance of a sneaker.

10. Air Jordan I “Chicago

Nike Mens AJ1 KO High OG

This was the first Air Jordan shoe ever launched onto the market. The first model was made with strong red and black accents to match the color of the Chicago  Bulls, the team Michael Jordan started out with. Although initially criticized because of their loud color scheme, which contrasted a mostly white colored sneaker market, these shoes quickly gained traction among youth in a growing hip-hop culture.

The Air Jordan I has been redesigned and re launched many times since its first release in 1985 and is arguably the most popular pair of Jordan shoes on the market, and the the best Jordan shoes of all time.

About the Jordan BrandThe Air Jordan Brand

Air Jordan sneakers first launched in 1985 in a partnership with Nike, along with Michael Jordan himself debuting in the NBA. Nike’s plan was simple: they recognized a new rising star in the sport of basketball and wanted to leverage his aggressive playing style to bring a new kind of sneaker into the market, once that defied the conventional approach to sneakers: white, clean and subtle. These sneakers would be loud and stand out, just as Michael did on the courts. There are almost 30 pairs of Jordan shoes, but only some of them can be the best Air Jordans out there.

He helped to popularize the shoe by wearing them at each of his games and performing amazing basketball feats that made him, and the shoes he was wearing, noticed by all. His popularization of the shoes helped Nike sell the first Jordan shoes at a price of $65, which was a seemingly outrageous price for sneakers at the time. While originally starting off as basketball shoes, Air Jordan sneaker, or simply referred to as “Jordans” have launched several different iterations of the original shoe design and have created shoes for a multitude of purposes. The brand was launched in 1985 and the line of shoes has still continued to remain popular today, both among the athletic and the non-athletic consumers.

Whether it’s for an athletic purpose or you’re just looking for a pair of sneaker to take your outfit to the next level, there are a wide range of Jordan shoes to select from. Not only have new models been released continuously by Nike, well past Michael Jordan’s retirement from professional sports, but previous models have been re-designed and been customized with new themes, many of them reflecting accomplishments and highlights from Michael Jordan’s career. For more look at Footlocker’s history of Air Jordan.

What’s Behind the Success of the Jordan Brand: Benefits of Jordan Shoes

  1. Athletic Performance. There’s a reason that Michael Jordan only wore Air Jordan’s throughout his entire career in the NBA: they gave him an athletic competitive advantage. Often designed and retailed specifically as basketball shoes, Air Jordan shoes have superior technology that gives you an edge on the court. They have reinforced ankle and heel support, which lets you make those quick and fast directional changes as you swerve around. They are also a lot lighter than the typical basketball shoe, giving you more speed as you play.
  2. Durability. Whether they are for off the court or on it, your Air Jordan shoes will last you a long time. One reviewer mentioned that “you clocked a thousand miles in these [the Air Jordan shoes] and you were waiting for them to fall apart, but that never happened”. Your Jordan shoes will endure most kinds of wear and tear, and this especially makes them a valuable collectable as well.
  3. Comfort. Jordan’s are comfortable shoes. They are the Armani suits of the feet. Nike has invested millions of dollars into making sure that the Air Jordan shoes take care of your feet while you wear them, so that you’re ready to dish it out on the court. In addition to the reinforced structure, they are also designed to give your feet more circulation so you can work them harder and longer.
  4. They Look Cool. Let’s face it: Air Jordan shoes look cool, whether they are worn by your local hip-hop crew or you see them on TV when Jimmy Butler is on playing for the Bulls. Their unique styling and remastered designs give Air Jordan shoes a distinctive feature that makes them easy to identify. They are also versatile in their use: you can wear them with your basketball shorts when you play 2-on-2 pick up and you can slip them on with jeans and a t shirt as you take a stroll around your neighborhood.
  5. Brand Name Value. Since the launch of the first Air Jordan I shoes in 1985, that was synced with Michael Jordan’s debut into the NBA, Jordan shoes have had a legendary following. They rose to popularity quickly along with Michael Jordan’s career and the basketball star made some of his most memorable plays wear those shoes. The line of shoes has inspired a cult following, known as “Jordan Heads”, a group individuals who aggressively collect pairs of Jordan shoes. They are impressive line of shoes and that impressiveness carries over to you when you buy a pair.

So Why Buy Jordan?

Michael JordanWhy should you buy one of the best Air Jordans? We would say that the biggest reason to buy them would be because you’re an athlete or you play a lot of sports and you need a shoe that will give your feet and body the support that they need in the heat of the game. And they’re not just used for basketball either: We’ve seen Jordan’s used for running, tennis, football and just general weight lifting and exercise as well. Obviously if you’re a competitive athlete in any of these fields you should buy the appropriate shoe type but Jordan’s will serve you perfectly well if you’re more the casual athlete who plays with his friends on the weekends.

Even if you don’t use them for athletic purposes, they are very stylishly designed, which makes them good to use in any outfit. Some of our team personally own a pairs of Jordans and we find that they will work well with jeans and khakis, which most people are in on a daily basis. You even may wear them to a business casual event, provided they are not dirtied up. And they’re also very easy to make a quick change in, from my jeans to a pair of shorts for when you go to the gym.

One of the biggest concerns with Jordan shoes is the price: some models can cost upwards of $200 dollars, which is very typical of a sneaker. A lot of the increase pricing comes with the brand associated with the shoe but a lot of it comes with the superior quality that Jordan shoes are made with. The quality that Nike invested into the early shoes that Michael Jordan used as an NBA All Star has been scaled up and it now in every Jordan shoe that is available on the market.

Buying a Jordan shoe should not be looked at as a purchase: it should be looked at as an investment. You’re investing in a commodity that will take care of your feet no matter what you put it through. A Jordan shoe will last you at least five years, whereas another type of sneaker may last one or two years with regular use. So while the actual price tag may look large, considering how long the shoes will last you, the cost of the actual shoe is less than the conventional sneaker you may find. And hey, if it’s good enough for Michael Jordan to use, it’s definitely good enough for you.

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