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Let’s take a close up on the best beard grooming kits of 2019. Whether you’re here to comparison shop for a friend, family member, or yourself- we’ve got what you need to make a buying decision.

Who Needs the Best Beard Grooming Kit?

There’s really no doubt about it, western culture is currently in a very beard-friendly era. You can walk outside on a given day and see all types of beards, from short beards, to long beards, to scraggly beards, to manicured beards, and everything in between…

Maybe you’re looking to get in on the beardy action? If so, and if you want to keep your beard presentable, you are going to need a few beard grooming components. 

While you have the option to buy these components separately, your best bet would be to buy them in a kit. There are all types of beard grooming kits on the market today, each of which has its own unique characteristics. 

Looking for the best men’s beard grooming kit available in 2019? Then read on. This guide has all the information you need!

Considerations to Make When Buying a Beard Grooming Kit

All beard grooming kits have their merits. Therefore, to make a decision on which one you would like to buy, you’ll need to make a few considerations. Those considerations include the following. 

best beard grooming kit


Beard kits come at a wide range of prices. While some are available for $15, others are available for closer to $100. Price differences occur for two reasons:

  1. Some kits contain a higher quality of products, and
  2. Some kits contain more products than do other kits. 

Regardless of how much money you have to spend, you should be able to nab a suitable kit. All beard grooming kits offer fairly high quality. 

Items Included 

As was noted above, some beard grooming kits contain more items than do others. While one kit might contain: conditioner, shampoo, oil, and balm, another kit might only contain oil and balm. Assess your specific needs and choose accordingly. 


One last thing to consider is the type of fragrances you prefer. Different kits include different fragrances. 

For example, while some kits will include jojoba oil fragrances, other kits will include sandalwood fragrances. Some kits don’t include any fragrances at all. In the end, it’s up to personal preference. 

What Might You Find in a Beard Grooming Kit?

Different beard grooming kits contain different types of items. However, the items reviewed below are what you can generally expect to find. 

best beard grooming kit


Beard brushes are found in just about all beard kits available. These brushes possess hard thistles and are vital for the purpose of shaping and manicuring beards. They will turn scraggly beards into immaculate ones. 


Not all beard grooming kits will include beard combs, but a good many of them will. Combs can be used in tandem with brushes to give the beard style and shape. 

Trimming Scissors 

Another item that you’ll find in many, but not all beard grooming kits is trimming scissors. These scissors aren’t meant to trim large portions of hair, but just to even out scraggly areas.

Beard Oil 

Most beard grooming kits will include beard oil. This oil should be applied to the beard every few days to ensure that the hair and skin underneath don’t get dry. If scented, it will provide a fragrance to the beard.  

beard oil kit

Beard Balm 

Beard balm is also found in most beard grooming kits. This sticky substance is used to provide shape and style to the beard. It’s like the styling putty used in hair. 

Beard Conditioner 

Some, but not all, beard grooming kits will come with beard conditioner. If your kit includes conditioner, you should use it while showering to make your beard soft and moisturized. 

Beard Shampoo 

Like beard conditioner, beard shampoo is included in some, but not all, beard grooming kits. As you might guess, it’s used to clean the beard, doing away with harmful bacteria and providing it with a refreshing scent. 

What Is the Best Beard Grooming Kit of 2019?

Regardless of the beard kit you choose, it should be able to benefit your beard. However, some kits have just a slight edge over the others. They will be reviewed below. What is the best male grooming kit? Check out our list to find out.

1. Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit-min

Topping our list is this beard grooming kit from Big Forest. Very arguably the best men’s grooming kit on the market today, it contains four high-quality products: a brush, a balm, an oil, and a shampoo. Take note, however, that it runs on the expensive side. 

The beard grooming substances contained within this kit are made with a variety of ingredients, including coconut oil, cedarwood, jojoba, and fir needle oil. These substances combine to make an appealing and masculine fragrance. 

2. Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit  

Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit-min

Next up is this beard grooming kit from Naturenics. One of the best kits for the money, it contains a brush, a comb, beard oil, beard balm, and trimming scissors. All of these items are contained in an attractive wooden box. 

The primary ingredients used in this kit include jojoba oil, aloe oil, and argan oil. Possessing an earthy, manly scent, it’s sure to keep your beard smelling great all throughout the day. 

3. Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit  

Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit-min

This beard grooming kit from Mountaineer Brand is another solid selection. Available for a very reasonable price, it contains four different items. These items include a brush, beard oil, beard balm, and beard wash. 

These items come in a canvas sack and include a range of different ingredients, including, but not limited to cedarwood and fir needle oil. They provide a rustic, wood aroma. 

4. Macho Man Care Beard Grooming Kit  

Macho Man Care Beard Grooming Kit-min

If you’re looking to get a lot for a little, you might consider this kit from Macho Man Care. It contains a number of items, including trimmer scissors, a brush, two combs, beard balm, and two beard oils. 

One beard oil is scentless. The other possesses the fragrance of jojoba, a subdued, but earthy scent. 

All in all, this is a terrific kit. If you’re completely void of beard care products, it allows you to get most of them at a very fair price. 

5. Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit  

Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit-min

Another solid beard grooming kit is this one from Viking Revolution. Available for a mid-level price, it comes with a wide variety of items. These include trimming scissors, beard balm, two beard oils, a brush, a comb, and a beard care guide. 

One of the oils contained within this kit is scentless. The other oil contained within this set possesses a citrus aroma. Overall, this is a solid beard grooming set that will get the job done. 

6. BEARDCLASS Beard Grooming Kit

BEARDCLASS Beard Grooming Kit-min

This set from BEARDCLASS gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Available for an exceedingly low price, it comes with everything needed to sufficiently maintain your beard. Items contained include two trimming scissors, several beard combs, beard balm, beard oil, a beard brush, and a canvas carrying bag. 

The substances included in this set contain a variety of oils, including jojoba oil and cedarwood oil. While the balm and oil are entirely scentless, they are highly effective. 

7. Cain Cavalli Beard Grooming Kit

Cain Cavalli Beard Grooming Kit-min

Next up is this beard grooming kit from Cain Cavalli. Available for a mid-range price, it contains six different pieces. These pieces include two beard combs, a beard balm, a beard oil, beard trimmer scissors, and a beard brush. 

The substances in this kit are made out of a concoction of ingredients, including jojoba oil, argan oil, and Vitamin E. Possessing a citrusy scent, they do a terrific job of moisturizing and replenishing the skin and hair. 

8. Beard Reverence Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Reverence Beard Grooming Kit-min

This kit from Beard Reverence adds a great deal of value for a very reasonable price. Containing a total of 6 items, it has everything needed for proper beard care. The items you’ll find contained within include a brush, a beard trimmer, beard balm, beard oil, beard wash, and a comb. 

The primary ingredients contained within this kit’s substances include argan oil and jojoba oil. Together, these oils work together to create a citrusy but woodsy fragrance. All in all, this is a terrific kit that will allow you to flawlessly sculpt and maintain your beard. 

9. TIMKDLE Beard Grooming Kit


Looking for a grooming kit on a budget? If so, you might consider this one from TIMKDLE. Available for an exceedingly low price, it contains trimming scissors, a comb, a brush, beard oil, and beard balm. 

These materials are contained within a canvas carrying sack and contain a variety of ingredients. These ingredients include but are not limited to grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. Possessing an earthy, citrusy aroma, the balm and oil smell great all throughout the day. 

10. Grow a Beard Beard Grooming Kit

Grow a Beard Beard Grooming Kit-min

The last beard grooming kit we’ll review is this one from Grow a Beard. Available for a very reasonable price, it’s arguably the best beard grooming kit for those on a budget. 

It contains everything needed to groom a beard, including a brush, a comb, trimming scissors, beard oil, and beard balm. The oil and balm both possess argan oil and are scented with a woody, masculine aroma. If you’re looking for a quality kit at a reasonable price, this is the one for you.

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