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Good grooming for men in the modern world is simply a must do. Gone are the days when a man would just stroll out of the house looking like he has just rolled out of bed in haste to meet his daily obligations. In today’s world it is expected that men endeavor to be presentable. Being neat and well groomed is one sure way of taking charge. It does not matter whether one is going out for business or pleasure or just maintaining a certain look. Here, we take a look at the best double edge razors to help you master the art of shaving and maintain a clean shaven appearance.

Good grooming is part of personal branding. Remember you only get one shot at a first impression. And that one is usually the lasting impression and how someone remembers you by. Other than taking a regular shower, using deodorants and nicely fitting cloths that have a taste of fashion, a good shave is the ultimate crown to your physical appearance. Of course the first part of the body we look at every time we meet a person is the face. A hairy face is not everyone’s idea of an elegant look.

The 10 Best Double Edge Razors

1. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

This razor’s double edged design gives a very close and comfortable shave. It has a comfortable extra long handle that is precisely designed to ensure a non-slip grip.

With this DE razor the size of your hand is not a problem as it works very well with all hands, more so larger hands. The razor comes with a chrome finish. A Merkur razor is the king of razors!

2. Smoothhere Samson Series Double Edged Safety Razor Kit

Smoothhere Safety Razor kit, Double Edge Razors for Men

This shaving kit comes with numerous accessories needed to make your daily shaving experience worthwhile. It includes a travel case with a mirror and five premium double edge razor blades that will give you the closest shave ever.

The razor promises you quality you can trust; it is made to last. With a sturdy handle and a micro comb screw head, rest assured this gives the ultimate professional look and feel.

3. Oldcastle Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor with Travel Case

Oldcastle Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor with Travel Case

If you are looking for a top quality double edge safety razor then look no further. This razor prides in being gentler to your skin and wallet as well. Importantly it can use any standard double edged blades which make it less expensive in the long term compared to disposable razors.

The razor comes in special textured design for enhanced non-slip grip. Moreover it offers a quick and safe blade replacement mechanism.

4. Parker 76R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 76R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

This is yet another of the best double edge razors. This amazing razor comes in a ‘twist to open’ design which makes it even easier to replace the blade. The frame is made of one hundred percent brass making it very durable.

Handling the razor even with soapy hands is not a challenge since it has a long textured handle measuring 3.75 inches providing for a firm grip of the razor. The package encloses sharp super chrome double edged blades for total convenience. These blades are some of the best double edge razor blades you can buy.

5. Personna Double Edged Razor Blades

Personna Double Edged Razor Blades

This is a glide coated stainless steel blade that is now 25 % sharper than before. It comes along with individually wrapped dispenser carton which allows for the removal of one blade at a time and it can be used in most safety shaving razors. Super high quality double edge safety razor blades.

6. Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor

These razors pride in having a reputation for being the sharpest safety razors in the market. They feature a platinum coating which enhances your shaving comfort. They fit well with most of the traditional double edge razors.

7. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor

Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor

This brand of double edged safety razors prides itself in fitting with all double razors. The blade is made from the very highest quality of stainless steel thus promises to be durable and rust free. The razor provides unmatched quality, durability and smoothness of the shaving experience.

8. VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor

This superb DE razor boasts of being made from high end heavy duty Swedish materials. Its advanced butterfly head makes it easy and fast to change the blades.

It has a Microcomb system for preventing accidental cuts on your face. It comes with a bonus travel case and a mirror characteristic of the nomadic Vikings of Sweden.

9. Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

Another superb Merkur razor, this safety razor is made of the very best raw materials that will go a long way in enhancing its durability and ease of handling and maintenance. In case you love style in your accessories then this DE razor takes pride in being stylist approved. The razor joins the class of excellent razors that give you the closest and most comfortable shave ever.

10. Muhle R89 Closed Comb Double Edged Safety Razor

Muhle Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

Made in Germany by the razor manufacturer Muhle, this DE razor rounds out our list of the best double edge razors. The Muhle R89 gives a very close and mild shave without undue exposure of the blade.

It is designed for comfort and control and is very ideal for beginners. The razor comes with a chrome finish and has excellent corrosive resistant proprieties.

What is a Double Edge Razor?How to Shave with a Double Edge Safety Razor

Taking care of facial hair does not have to be a difficult task. Granted facial hair including beards and mustaches grow at varying rates depending on an individual’s genetic characteristics. To effectively get rid of this hair, most men prefer to use razors for this task. There are different types of razors ranging from cartridge razors, straight razors, double edged razors as well as electric shavers among others. Each of these categories has its pros and of course its cons.

However the double edged razor leads the pack in popularity. These razors give you far more control over the razor and ultimately give the much desired closeness of the shave itself. Despite the general advantages of double edged razors, the market is awash with numerous brands of this important category of razors. The challenge is in determining which of the best double edged razors will give you value for money as you enhance your grooming. As you shop around consider the above brands of DE razors. Enjoy the comfort, safety and convenience of the best double edge razor. Boost your self esteem by getting the ultimate shave that will compliment your overall grooming. With the best double edge razor, your shaving experience will never be the same again!

For more tips on how to shave with a double edge safety razor check out GQ’s article.

Top Five Benefits of Double Edge RazorsDon Draper Shaving

  • Closest shave ever. Compared to the other conventional methods and tools for shaving, DE razors by far give the closest shave you can ever get. Good facial grooming is about an appealing and smooth look. You do not have to spend your time and effort shaving your face only to look at the mirror and still see stubborn hair that refuses to go. With the best double edge razor, your face is left smooth and youthful; no tiny projections of facial hair are left after your shaving session.
  • Safety. Shaving can be a safety hazard. It is not unusual for men to get ugly cuts on their face from the razors they use to shave. This is most unfortunate since it goes directly against the very reasons why you were shaving in the first place which is to enhance your physical appeal. Such unfortunate cuts mess your face and even leave ugly scars that might be hard to remove. The best double edge razor uses a single razor blade. This razor blade has two sharp sides, one on each of the two sides of the razor. Your skin is protected from the entire blade; it only comes into contact with the edge of the razor that has the guard.
  • Enhanced access to your hair. The blades come in slimmer designs. This improves access and actual removal of hair from the hard to reach areas such as the neck crevices and under the nose. In case you prefer tight designs for your facial hair then DE razors are ideal for edging these up whether it is your goatee, side burns or mustache lines.
  • Affordability. Compared to other forms and methods of removing facial hair, the best double edged razor offers the most affordable option. Scouting around you easily notice that replacement of the blades for these kinds of razors will cost you far less than what it would cost for multi-blade cartridges.
  • Enhanced Self esteem and Confidence. The ultimate purpose of good grooming is to boost your self worth. It certainly feels great to know that you look your best as you go around in your daily activities. The knowledge that your appearance speaks well of you surely builds up your self esteem. It gives you the confidence to approach the challenges and situations in life. It takes the proper use of the best grooming products to achieve this. When it comes to managing your facial hair, the benefits of the best double edged razor are plain to see.

Why Double Edged Razors?

Shaving with a Safety RazorOne of the main areas of concern to men as far as good grooming is concerned is facial hair. Granted, not all men have the same amount of facial hair. In addition, people have different styles and tastes when it comes to how they mange their facial hair. Maybe you like being close shaven or may be you like leaving your mustache and then trimming it nicely to suit your taste. Whichever option you prefer you certainly can’t avoid the services of an excellent shaving accessory. You need a device that combines convenience comfort and safety. Such a device should give you a very close shave that leaves your face not only looking smooth but also one that enables you to access the difficult parts to get to as you shave. The best double edged razor is the perfect accessory for you.

This category of grooming products is ideal for men who have to compliment their daily grooming with the management of their facial hair. It ensures that you remain safe from unwanted cuts as you clear the hair from your face. It gives you the convenience of portability. As you travel around you have the comfort of knowing that you can groom your face at your convenience. You don’t have to spend time and money visiting barbers every time you need to get rid of your facial hair.

Why Buy One of the Best Double Edge Razors?

Despite the numerous compelling reasons why every man who needs to manage his facial hair should get a double edged razor, quality considerations should take precedence. There is a wide spectrum of double edged razors in the market. These come with differing levels of quality levels. Getting the best quality double edged razor is the best way to go.


The best double edged razor offers you durability. You don’t have to keep on replacing your razor. Consider the material used to make the razor. Stainless steel for instance is rust free and promises a long and lasting life span for your razor.

Ease of operating

Getting a top quality double edged razor ensures that the product you purchase is easy to operate. Assembling the razor and its components is easy. In any case, the best quality razors will fit well with standard blades. This way you don’t have to undergo the inconvenience of looking for specific blades which might be hard to come by. The replacement of blades of a high quality double edged razor is easy and fast, and it will certainly save you time when carrying out this function.

Ease of Cleaning

Harmful microorganisms can get a perfect abode in a poorly cleaned double edged razor. These can be a source of ugly and costly skin infections. A high quality DE razor is easy to clean as it affords you the ability to thoroughly clean and disinfect it thus ensuring your skin remains free from any harmful microbes.


Top quality double edged razors come with warranties. These kinds of products are from serious manufacturers who have a reputation to protect and customers to satisfy. That is why they offer warranties on all their products. By buying top quality double edged razors you enjoy the benefit and peace of mind that in case the device malfunctions due to its own inherent failures, your money is safe. You can always get a replacement depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty.

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