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With summer coming round the bend, it’s time to start thinking about your summer footwear. Socks and shoes simply won’t cut it in the heat and you need a comfortable pair of shoes that you can slip on anywhere, anytime. A pair of the best flip flops for men will complement your already stylish wardrobe.

You may be thinking that flip flops aren’t stylish, but on the contrary, they pair well with just about any summer outfit. The best mens flip flops are those that are stylish enough to be named footwear. We’re not talking about just any piece of rubber with a strap.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of flip flops this summer, then keep reading. We’re listing ten pairs that you’ll love. Read through our reviews below and we’re sure you’ll find something for your wardrobe.

10 Best Flip Flops for Men Comparison Chart

We’ve curated a list of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2019. They’ve been sorted into price ascending order and categorized by brand and style. Check them out to find the perfect fit, and look at the in-depth reviews below for detailed info about each pair.

Sanuk Beer Flip FlopsSanuk12
Fitory Men's Flip FlopsFitory3
Quiksilver Molokai Flip FlopsQuiksilver1
Teva Mush II Flip FlopsTeva2
Skechers Go-Walk Flip FlopsSketchers4
Sanuk Men's Fraid So Flip FlopsSanuk5
Reef Leather Smoothy Flip FlopReef1
Sperry Top-Sider Baitfish Flip FlopsSperry4
Rainbow Leather Flip FlopsRainbow7
Birkenstock Men's Flip FlopsBirkenstocks1

The Top Ten Best Flip Flops for Men

From the best men’s beach sandals to the most durable flip flops, we’ve got you covered in this top ten list of the best flip flops for men. Some men may compare finding the perfect pair of flip flops to finding the right pair of glasses, or the right tie. And, it kind of is. Accessories are key.

Depending on how much you plan to wear your favorite sandals and where you intend to wear them may also depend on the style you choose.

So, get out your favorite summer wear and start comparing your clothing style to these sandals so that you can pick a pair that’s right for you. And, of course, it never hurts to have a little variety in your closet so you can feel free to select multiple favorites.

1. Sanuk Beer Flip Flops

Sanuk Beer Flip Flops

The Sanuk Beer Sandals are made of the same material as your beer cozy. Or resembling it anyway. They’re sleek and comfortable and about as close to walking on a yoga mat all day as the real thing. You’ll love how they grab your feet so that you practically feel barefoot.

2. Fitory Men’s Flip Flops

Fitory Flip Flops

These flip flops bring it back to the classics of yesteryear. The look is still popular today, thanks to their unassuming style, dependability, and durability. These high-performance sandals will last for generations to come. Regardless of your personal style, the Fitory flip flops for men are indeed a classic look.

3. Quiksilver Molokai Flip Flops

best men's flip flops 2017

For a more low-profile sandal, you can try out a pair of Quiksilver Molokai flip flops. They’re simple yet efficient and practical. They’re also extremely durable for the price. You can find them for as little as twelve bucks a pair.

4. Teva Mush II Flip Flops

best mens flip flops for flat feet

The Teva Mush flip flops for men are some of the most comfortable flip flops on the market. They’re described as ‘mushy’ on the top but with a stiff base that has just the right amount of flexibility. Teva stands for ‘nature’ in Hebrew, and this brand has designed this sandal to be built for action so that you can feel confident wearing it anywhere your summer takes you.

5. Skechers Go-Walk Flip Flops

Best Men’s Flip Flops with Arch Support

Skechers Go-Walk Flip Flops

Skechers Go-Walk Flip Flops for men are probably some of the best men’s flip flops with arch support. They have high-rebound cushioning with responsive feedback that makes you feel like you’re walking on air. And, in a way, you are. The bottoms of the Go-Walk sandals are made of soft rubber with a textured sole that breaks the impact of your steps.

These sandals are not only good for your feet, but they’re also simple and to the point. You can wear them dressed up or down at a reasonable price point starting at around $40.

6. Sanuk Men’s Fraid So Flip Flops

best mens flip flops

Sanuk is another sandal manufacturer that has been around since the flip was introduced. They have been making some of the most comfortable sandals available, all with a casual design. You can grab a pair of Sanuk Fraid Sandals for less than $30, depending on which style you choose. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Reef Leather Smoothy Flip Flop

best mens flip flops for walking

Reef is another name brand in the sandals industry that manufactures quality, comfortable flip flops for men. The Reef Leather Smoothly Sandal is perfect for everyday wear and you’ll never grow tired of slipping them on your feet when you need a shoe.

8. Sperry Top-Sider Baitfish Flip Flops

Best Men’s Flip Flops for Flat Feet

Sperry Top-Sider Baitfish Flip Flops

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, try out a pair of Sperry Top-Sider Baitfish flip flops. They’re designed to be worn on or near the water, specifically on the boat, so they’re comfortable and durable with a no-slip grip.

9. Rainbow Leather Flip Flops

Rainbow Leather flip flops

If you really dig the Rainbow brand but you’re looking for something a little classier, then you can opt for a pair of Rainbow Single Layer Premier leather flip flops. This is a classic, no-thrills sandal that is not only recognizable but comfortable. It’s a good idea to have a leather sandal in your wardrobe. They’re fitting for more formal occasions.

10. Birkenstock Men’s Flip Flops

Best Leather Flip Flops Mens

best leather flip flops mens

The Birkenstock Men’s Flip Flops isn’t your typical pair of Birkenstocks. These best flip flops for men are designed with soft leather and a light midsole, not to mention a messaging nub footbed for ultimate comfort. And, the best part is that you can find a good pair for less than $100- which is a great deal for Brikenstocks. Due to their long lives and great reputation, we easily dub them the best leather flip flops for men.

How to Break in Your Flip Flops

Once you’ve decided on the perfect pair of the best men’s flip flops, you’ll need to break them in. Fortunately, breaking flip flops in is a pretty painless process, especially if you take your time and ease into things. Since flip flops are the perfect casual shoe, this should be no problem.

Flip Flops on Beach

The best way to break in your new flip flops is to get them wet. That’s right. If you get your flip flops wet before wearing them around, they will become more malleable. Run them under water then walk over clean surfaces such as cement or grass for a few minutes to give them time to contour to your feet. Once done, leave them to dry overnight so they’re ready to go.

You can do this a handful of times until you feel comfortable with the fit. If you’re still having trouble with the straps after this process, considering applying a soft lubricant. Believe it or not, a little deodorant, some wax, or a special shoe softener will do wonders for the long-lasting comfort of your sandals.

How to Clean Your Flip Flops

Once you’ve had a pair of flip flops for a while, you may want to clean and condition them. This is especially true given that people are constantly walking over dirty surfaces when they’re out and about. But, with a little cleaner and some basic knowledge, you’ll have your flip flops looking like new.

While some people throw their flip flops in the washing machine, we don’t recommend that. Depending on the type of flip flop you have, this can ruin your shoes or leave them faded and dull. To clean your flip flops properly, we suggest using a bucket of water and some elbow grease. Follow these simple steps for the perfect clean:

1. Get a bucket of warm water with some regular dish soap or special shoe washing detergent.

2. Using the soft side of a sponge, a soft bristle toothbrush, or a gentle cloth, wipe away any dirt or grime from the shoe. Don’t be afraid to get in there and scrub a bit. As long as you’re using a gentle abrasive, no harm will be done to your shoes.

3. Consider applying a shoeshine or shoe wax for a clean finish. This will preserve the life of your flip flops and leave them feeling clean and conditioned.


To finish up, just rub them down with a soft cloth or leave them out to dry. That’s it! You’ll be ready to take on the world in no time.

Final Thoughts on the Best Men’s Flip Flops

Finding the perfect pair of flip flops doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. Just keep this list in mind when you start shopping for a trusted pair of sandals this summer. The main features to look for in a good pair of flip flops are the quality of the materials and composition. You’ll want to wear your flip flops wherever you go and that means they’ll get a lot of abuse. You don’t want them falling apart on you.

Look for a supportive sole and tight stitching. The best flip flops for men are rugged, yet stylish and sophisticated. One good pair can serve as your go-to sandals for any occasion.

If you’re interested in honing in on your own flip flops style, or any other men’s style tips, feel free to reach out. We’re your online source for picking out the right shoes, clothing, grooming essentials, and more.

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