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Trimming unwanted hair is frustrating enough, let alone combining it with the sensitivity of your nose! For this job, you definitely want one of the best nose trimmers around, also known as precision trimmers, so that they will remove as much hair as possible with minimal discomfort.

Have you been feeling uncomfortable about your nose hair? This isn’t a huge issue with women, however for men, many can develop unruly nose hair. While nose hairs are meant to shield your nose from agitation and dust, they tend to give an unattractive and unsightly appearance to onlookers when they are out of control. But don’t worry!  We are here to give you the best of tips on the very best hair trimmers to cure you of this problem.

Precision trimmers help with maintaining a well groomed appearance. Some of the best nose hair trimmers can also be used around the ear and neck regions, for an all around sharp appearance, as the last thing you want is to look like a forest is growing out of your ears and nose!

Keep in mind that despite their name, trimming nose hairs is not the only task these devices excel at accomplishing. Some of them can also be used for haircuts, maintaining clean lines in between hair cuts, trimming beards, mustaches and other facial hair, as well as eyebrows, and so on. They are an extremely useful accessory to have in the bathroom for those occasions when some minor touch ups are required.

Our Top 10 List of the Best Nose Trimmers

We’ve selected the top 10 nose trimmers of 2019. The list is based on the quality of the nose hair trimmer, ease of use, popularity, and their ability to trim hair.

1. Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
Panasonic ER-GN30-K Hair Trimmer best nose trimmers

The Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer is one of the best selling products in the ‘Hair Trimmers and Clippers’ category. Both experienced and first-time customers agreed that it was easy to set up this trimmer, and it provided a great performance, with no scraping or hair pulling.

The trimmer uses one AA battery that will keep this trimmer going all year round. The Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose and Facial Hairs Trimmer features a double edge blade to trim hairs on both sides of the nostril, and the blades will keep sharp for a long, long time. You don’t need to worry about cleaning as they are absolutely simple to clean. The performance and build quality of this devices makes it one of the very best nose hair trimmers around.

2. Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Nose Trimmer
best nose trimmers

Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer is another excellent precision trimmer. The trimmer is effective to trim the nose, ear and even neck regions. It contains two eyebrow attachements for trimming eyebrows to a uniform length. The chromium steel edge is ultra sharp and finely ground. You will have the smoothest cut ever.

There is a high quality guard fitted around the cutting edge to ensure your skin in unirritated. The rubberized grip allows for great comfort and control. It contains a precision trimming attachment for the sideburns, facial hair and neck hair. While this device is great for trimming nose and even neck hair, it is also one of the best ear trimmers around.

3. Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Trimmer

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Trimmer best nose trimmers

This trimmer has the added feature of being like a vacuum cleaner for your nose hair! Sometimes even the best nose and ear trimmers can leave you with hair up your nose or in your sink, but this offering from Panasonic actually sucks them into a chamber so there is no hair left behind!

You can then empty it out at your convenience. The sharp edges for the trimmer are curved and hypoallergenic, so you can expect precision and zero irritation. The trimmer is ranked number 3 in the ‘Hair Trimmers and Scissors’ class.

4. Remington Nose and Ear Trimmer

Remington Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

The Remington Nose and Ear Trimmer is one of the best nose hair trimmers available. It works superbly for nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, whiskers, and mustaches. The device uses both straight and turning head connections, which ensures a great cut.

The device is nice and compact, so it is one of the best ear and nose trimmers for people who travel a bit, and groom on the go! It is a hygienic device that can be easily cleaned after use. It also provides a really comfortable shave, and doesn’t pull the hair or irritate the skin. You can pick wet trimming after a shower, or dry trimming before, and it is powered by a single AA battery.

5. Remington MPT-3600 Precision Trimmer
Remington MPT-3600 Dual Blade Precision Trimmer best nose trimmers

Remmington are one of the biggest names in shaving, so you know this is going to be a quality device. It features two different size blades, and the titanium material used for the cutting edges ensures no drag effect that could irritate the skin.

This shaver is nice and compact, and really easy to use, even if you have never used one before! It’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best nose hair clippers on the market.

6. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
Groom Mate Platinum X Nasal Hair Trimmer best nose trimmers

This nose trimmer is unique from the others on the market, as it doesn’t require a battery.  Because of this, it is operated in complete silence, unlike many other trimmers which produce a definite buzz.

It is operated by twisting the base of the trimmer with your hand, which rotates blades enclosed in the tip. This is novel and  unique device, and if you try it out I am sure you will agree that it is the best way to remove nose hair!

It’s also super-portable and very suitable for traveling.

7. Andis Fast Trim Hair Trimmer for Nose, Ear, and Neck
Andis Fast Trim Hair Trimmers for Nose Ears and Neck best nose trimmers

Operating on a single AA battery, this trimmer makes a great clippers that consumers are super-happy with. The trimmer has a great weight and quality feel, and can do the majority of things better than a pair of grooming scissors.

This is a steal in terms of value and certainly one of the best nose hair removal devices out there.

8. Panasonic All-in-One Trimmer

Panasonic All-in-One Trimmer best nose trimmers

A top quality trimmer from Panasonic. The blades are hypoallergenic and can be easily washed and under running water. The gadget is small and easy to carry around, so it is great for those on the go.

This razor was launched last year to a great reception, and was featured on numerous ‘Best Nose Hair Trimmer of 2016’ lists.

9. Kemei Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer with Micro-Groomer Attachment
Kemei Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer for Men and Women with Micro-Groomer Attachment best nose trimmers

Kenai is a leading nose hair trimmer that includes a strong stainless steel blade. This machine is water resistant, so it can be used in or out of the shower.

It comes with and attachable head that allows you to trim your beard, neck, side burns and mustache. This is a really portable device due to it’s compact size, but it is still packed with features and has a superb build quality. Don’t be surprised if you see this device crowned Best Nose Hair Trimmer of 2019 later on in the year.

10. Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer

No list of trimmers would be complete without an offering from Wahl. This one is specifically called a mustache trimmer, but there’s no doubt that this trimmer can be used for tasks other than trimming nose hairs.

It can easily be used for the neck, ears, beard and mustache, and due to Wahl’s pedigree in the hair cutting industry, you could shave your head with this device too, if you are so inclined. It’s made for specifically for professional use, yet at the $15 value mark, any family can afford to get one of these babies.

Top Benefits of Adding a Nose Trimmer to Your Grooming Kit

  1. They are simple to use, and get rid of nose hair really quickly.
  2. Doubles as a best ear hair trimmer.
  3. Trimmers are more reliable than scissors or tweezers, and also much safer.
  4. Even the best nose hair trimmers are  inexpensive, and can be bought in loads of shops, both on and offline.
  5. Some of these devices can also trim ear hair, eyebrows as well as unwanted facial hair.

General Thoughts on Nose Trimmer Devices

What I found was that a wet or dry choice had to do with cleaning your trimmer. Having a wet/dry trimmer made it easier to clean it under the tap and rinse it out with ease. Nose trimmers are available at a very inexpensive price range, and they are lightweight and  travel-friendly too. They can be handy to trim eyebrows when required if you have particularly bushy growth. When considering ear hair removal, you should think about whether you want a device that pulls the hair out or one that trims it painlessly. All in all they are really useful devices, that every guy should have in his bathroom.

Before you can learn how to use a nose trimmer, you will have to make sure you have a good trimmer. We have listed some of the most popular options available, that have been recommended by guys like you, so these are a good place to start your search. The important thing to remember is no matter how much someone else likes it, this is a highly personal tool and it should be chosen strictly on how it feels to you.

Size and Shape

The size and the shape of the nose trimmer should be one which will feel comfortable to you. This means the head of the trimmer feels comfortable when inserted into your nostril. It also means making sure the contour of the trimmer is easy for you to hold on to and control. Be sure to choose a trimmer that has a good feel to it, and a premium quality feel. All the trimmers we have listed check this box.


The most important thing to look for in a good nose trimmer is the blades, which are usually made from stainless steel. While you should have good sharp blades made out of a hard alloy metal, the motor is also vital to the performance of the trimmer. The trimmer should have a durable and powerful motor which will allow the blades to easily slice through even the most unruly nose hair. A good, powerful motor will be able to make up for less than perfect blades. It will also help to cut the grooming time required in about half. This is because you will not have to go over and over an area to get all of the hairs cut.

A safe and efficient hair trimmer is a good idea, especially for working around sensitive areas like the nose and ears. The nose is one area of the body with the most concentrated amount of nerve endings.

What to look for in the Best Nose Hair Trimmerbest nose trimmers

Wireless and Battery Operated

All of the best nose hair trimmers come either battery operated, or corded. You can decide which is right for you depending on your own requirements. Corded versions need to be plugged in to an outlet, but tend to have a more powerful motor. Cordless versions require batteries, which may sacrifice some motor power. However, they make up for this in convenience and portability.


The best nose hair trimmer you can buy should be waterproof, which offers you the ability to do your nose hair removal in the shower. This makes it easier to keep hair from falling all over your clothing, in the sink, or other places that you’d rather not see it. You can also wash the tool in the shower, leaving it in good working order for next time.

Ergonomically Designed

The best nose hair trimmer designs are made to fit in your hand comfortably. They often have a handle so that you can grip them better in the shower too. Those without a handle may have a special “no-slip” grip that also makes it great for use in the shower. This may seem like a small detail, but in fact, it can greatly increase your ease in using the device.

Priced Well

Purchasing the very best ear and nose trimmer doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you will pay for the extra features included in the best nose hair trimmer models, but they are well worth the money. If cost is an issue, see if you can get a deal on free shipping or find a discount coupon. Don’t buy the cheapest model if it’s not going to have the features you want. Instead, go for a model that fits your requirements, and has a lot of good reviews.

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