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Like all clothing, shoes are an expression of you. Yes, even the shoes you wear to work out. Some think it’s impossible to find a shoe looks good and keeps your foot comfortable as you walk.  This is not so! The best walking shoes from men won’t compromise style for comfort, and have found the best balance.

In this guide we’ve got your feet covered- the 10 best men’s walking shoes are all here. Plus, we have a shoppers guide to help you figure out which ones are going to work for you.

The 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men

It’s hard to fulfill the Two F’s (fashion and function) with a single pair of shoes, but the active and stylish man needs what he needs.

For that purpose, we’ve compiled a list of the best walking shoes for men currently available on Amazon. 

1. Asics Gel Contend 4

Asics Gel Contend 4-min

Walkers agree: the Asics Gel Contend 4 is the most comfortable shoe they’ve ever worn, and among the best men’s walking shoes on the market.

Intended to be a gateway to walking shoes, the Gel Contend 4 is perfect for beginners. The shoe has ample cushioning in the heel and arch, giving it a smooth, supported step.

2. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2-min

Buyers have reported that the Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 comes off the shelf ready to go: it requires no break-in period! This is accomplished by a series of factors.

First, a forefoot stretch zone has been added to the bend of the foot, giving the shoe added flexibility. The extra room allows the toes to flex and splay comfortably.

The heel section of the midsole features a ProGrid cassette. Similar to the net of a tennis racket, this receives the pressure of the foot and bounces it up as you walk.

3. New Balance 577

New Balance 577-min

The New Balance 577 has been shown to be comfortable even after long periods of use.

Updated from the previous model, the 577 features ABZORB technology in the midsole, built in to reduce shock. It also uses a Walking Strike Path feature that allows it to transition smoothly from toe to heal as you walk.

However, customers have noted that the inexpensive material allows the shoe to easily scuff, though that can usually be dealt with.

4. Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX

Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX-min

The Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX is, in a word, reliable. The shoe built for comfort and favored among walkers and those who spend the workday on their feet.

The fit has been a concern for some buyers. Though the shoe is highly comfortable, due to the DMX foam technology in the midsole, the fit of the shoe often runs too tight for most. 

5. Sketchers Equalizer 2.0 True Balance

Sketchers Equalizer 2.0 True Balance-min

The Sketchers Equalizer 2.0 True Balance was designed with versatility in mind. Sturdy enough for walking and running, but attractive enough to easily transition into casual wear, the Equalizer 2.0 is one to consider for the fashion-conscious.

The patterned Sketch Knit mesh gives the Equalizer a snug, sock-like fit that runners love.

Best yet, The Equalizer 2.0 features a Dual-lite dual-density midsole to provide lightweight, springy cushioning for the foot. Better yet, the memory foam insole features an Air Cooling system that siphons moisture away from your feet.

6. Reebok Royal Astrostorm Walking Shoe

Reebok Royal Astrostorm Walking Shoe-min

Reebok is known mostly for sports, the Royal Astrostorm is perfect for running and walking. At an almost weightless three pounds, the shoe will make you feel as free as if you were running barefoot.

The Royal Astrostorm has a trendy, modern design that gives it a silhouette new to Reebok shoes.

The shoe is a slip on, with loops around the tongue and heel to help the Astrostorm glide seamlessly on and off your foot. They also feature ghillie laces instead of traditional ones.

7. Nike Men’s Roshe Two Running Shoe

Nike Men's Roshe Two Running Shoe-min

In sleek black and white, it might be easy for some buyers to regard the Nike Men’s Roshe Two as a casual shoe and not meant for activity. In this way, the Roshe Two is one of the most versatile shoes around.

Yes, you can wear it to the gym and out on the town.  

The Roshe Two features an ultra-thick rubber sole that will keep you balanced whether you’re just doing a lap around the block or going for a jog in the woods.

And with it’s unique, near-mesh construction your feet will be kept cool, though it’s suede upper-half will need some special care.

8. Rockport Eureka Walking Shoe

rockport eureka walking shoes-min

If you’re looking for something slightly less sneaker-like, check out the Eureka from Rockport. This is possibly the best mens dress shoes for walking all day. The material is leather, and strong- it will soften with wear.

Rockport is known for making classy looking comfort shoes, and they’ve combined a foam cushion support with moisture wicking lining to help you stay cool.

9. New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe

new balance mens walking shoe-min

The MW411v2 is among the more stylish entries on this list.  The shoe is made of leather and mesh; leather for aesthetic, mesh for breathability. 

Mesh on all sides gives maximum airflow your foot, keeping the shoe light and comfortable to walk in and avoids sweat soaking into the interior, leaving odor or moisture damage.

The color of the MW411 is sloped at the ankle.  The gives the foot a full range of motion for ultimate durability when walking.

10. Merrel Men’s All Out Blaze 2 Hiking Shoe

merrel mens all out blaze 2 hiking shoe-min

If you’re someone who likes to go off the beaten path you’ll need a shoe that can handle rugged terrain.  The All Out Blaze 2 is the shoe you need, with reinforcements in all the right spots.

Going off road can do a number on shoes, but the Blaze 2 is built to withstand the elements.  Waterproofed all around for long-lasting reliability, the top of the foot is mesh, to maintain the breathability of other running shoes.

However, if you aren’t planning on going hiking, you’ll want to consider a lighter weight shoe.

Things to Do Before Buying Walking Shoes

Now that we’ve handled fashion, it’s time to discuss function.

Getting the right kind of walking shoe for your foot is integral to your athletic success. It’ll be awful hard to do that 5k you signed up for if your shins are in agony and the balls of your feet feel like they’re made of lead.

Before you purchase a pair of walking shoes–even before you try them on–there are a few helpful tips for whittling down your options.

best walking shoes for men1-min

Perform a Quality Test

Don’t waste your time trying on a shoe that turns out to not even be a contender.  Perform a quality test on that baby first.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re holding a well-made walking shoe.

  • First, inspect the heel of that shoe. If it’s a full inch higher than the ball of the foot, return to sender.
  • Next, make sure the shoe has flexibility.  Give it a good twist. You want it to twist at the ball of the foot, not at the arch.
  • Finally, you want the toe to flare up. Set it on the floor and press down on the tip of the foot.  If it rocks back and forth, you’re golden. 

Get the Right Fit

Unlike regular shoes where you want a snug fit, it’s recommended to buy shoes for walking or running at least a half-size up from what you typically wear. The reason? There are a few.

If a shoe feels too tight or is hard to get on, ditch it.  It’s too small, even accounting for the breaking-in period. Feet swell with activity.

A good gauge is to wear regular socks when you’re shopping for new shoes.  The extra padding will help you find shoes that will have extra space once you slip on comparatively thinner running socks.

You Need Support

Factor in your arches when buying a new pair of shoes.  Not all walking shoes will have the support your feet need.  A pair of slip-in inserts may be necessary for the shoes to properly cradle your feet.

The Benefits of Good Walking Shoes 

best walking shoes for men-min

A good pair of walking shoes will do more than just help you get in shape.  They’ll also aid in fighting the natural wearing down of the body. One of the biggest benefits of quality walking shoes is the effect they have on your back.  The feet are the pillars (no pun intended) of maintaining a healthy body.

Uncomfortable shoes can have ill effects on more than just your feet. The wrong pair can mess up your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Going cheap or not taking your time choosing the right pair might be at your own risk.

Not All Feet Are Created Equal

Hyper-pronation and -supination are common foot problems that walker and runners face. Pronation is the inward leaning of the foot, while supination is the outward lean of the foot.

While walking shoes usually come neutral in the arches and ankles, there are ways to correct the gait of your feet if they trend too inward or outward.

This is why orthotic inserts are so important.  Creating a good cushion beneath your feet helps to absorb the shock of feet hitting pavement and can prevent your feet and other body parts from being injured.

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