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You may have already taken a look at our article cover money clips, but if you need something with more substance to carry your dough you’ve come to the right place. In this article we take a close up on the best wallets for men.

Put Your Money Where Your Money IS.

We spend $2.4 trillion a year on fashion. That’s a lot of money spent on looking great. 

And we get it. When it comes to being out and about you want to look your best. And you don’t want to ruin a great outfit with substandard accessories. 

You need to start where your money is at with the best wallets. You need accessories that will look great and last. But with thousands of fashion brands out there how are you meant to narrow it down?  

Well luckily for you we’ve done the leg work for you!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about what you should keep in mind when searching for a new wallet. And check out our reviews of the best men’s wallets out there. 

Pick the Right Style of Wallet For You

best bi fold wallets-min

Picking style of men’s wallets is a great place to start when you’re looking for the best wallet for you. 

We’d recommend you choose a style that will suit you. This needs to be a decision based on fashion and practicality. Something that looks amazing but won’t hold all your cards isn’t going to be useful in the long run, is it? 

  • Cardholder Wallets or Slim Folding Wallets are useful if you like to carry the bare essentials. Their slim design accommodates one to three cards or folded bills. And the folding wallets feature the bi-fold design of traditional wallets without their bulk.
  • Bi-fold Wallets are the style you’re probably most used to seeing. Their bigger design means they can carry unfolded bills but means they’re thicker.
  • A Zip Wallet features a zipper closure for added security. 
  • But if you still don’t have enough room, take a look at a Trucker Wallet! These are long wallets have a snap closure, a slot for bills, coin pouch and multiple card slots. 
  • Or some more specific wallet designs might suit you. If you spend a lot of time traveling internationally, a Passport Wallet could be a good purchase.
  • You can also keep all your valuables in the same place using a Phone Wallet.

What Are RFID-Blocking Wallets? 

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification -Blocking Wallets have been gaining popularity recently.

They provide an extra security feature for your wallet. This technology blocks radio waves to stop you from being electronically defrauded. And this doesn’t have to cost you extra.

However, some people question whether this technology is strictly necessary. And others doubt if it always works. Read up on it yourself to decide if this is something you’re interested in. 

Choose a Color That Suits Your Style

Again, the color of your wallet is all about your preference and personal style. 

Thinking about when you will be using your wallet might help you decide what colors to look at. This way you can pick a wallet that will compliment your personal style.

best mens wallet-min

Traditionally wallets come in fairly muted or neutral tones. Browns, navy blues and even classical black are common. And these colors come with lots of benefits. 

They are easy to match with a variety of color palettes so you will always look coordinated and stylish. And they also wear very well. A darker wallet won’t show it’s age so easily. 

But if brighter colors are more your style then you’re in luck. We’ve also picked out some of the best and brightest wallets in our reviews below! 

All the Best Wallets for Men Should Be High Quality

While style is important, you don’t want to put it over substance. 

The mens’ wallet market is full to the brim with cheap wallets that won’t last longer than a few weeks. And when it comes to storing your valuables you don’t want something that’s going to fall apart. 

Cow’s leather is a tried-and-tested material. That’s probably why 70% of the world’s population uses it in one way or another. It is durable, stylish, versatile and strong. 

But the best leather wallet for men isn’t for everyone. For some, the price tag might put them off. Others may not be ethically ok with using it. Whatever the reason, there are lots of alternatives out there. For example, tree bark leather is a vegan alternative to cow’s leather. 

Whatever material you choose, the best wallet will be one that will stand the test of time. And this only comes with quality products. 

So, now you know what to look for when buying a wallet, let’s have a look at some of the best wallets for men out there. 

10 Best Wallets for Men 2019

Here are all of our favorite men’s wallets featuring a variety of brands, materials, and styles.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Zipper Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Rfid Zip Around Leather Bifold Wallet-min

This well-known brand delivers the goods on this traditional bi-fold leather wallet. It features several cardholder slots, including a clear one for your ID, bills slot and coin pouch. 

This might be one of the best men’s bi-fold wallets if you’re looking for something a little brighter! Its one hundred percent leather design comes in muted, traditional blues, browns, and blacks. But is also available in lighter tan, blues and even red for those looking to branch out! 

The only downside of this stylish crowd-pleaser is its thickness. If you’re looking for plenty of space then this wallet could be your best friend. But once it’s full it can be quite chunky, so if you want something slim, look elsewhere. 

2. Travando ‘Rio’ Money Clip Wallet

Travando 'Rio' Money Clip Wallet-min

This best men’s slim wallet could be exactly what you’re looking for! It’s slim, stylish and can fit up to 14 credit cards in its interior and exterior pockets. And these cards are all protected by RFID-blocking technology. 

The ‘Rio’ also features a unique money clip. This means you can also store bills safely. And this isn’t something most slim bi-fold wallets offer! This is the best RFID men’s wallet and money clip combination!

3. Yinoude Minimalist Slim Wallet

Yinoude Minimalist Aluminum Fiber Slim Wallet-min

Looking for the best men’s minimalist wallet? This unique design gives the ‘Rio’ a run for its money. The aluminum fiber in its design makes this maybe the best men’s RFID wallet out there. And the wooden design offers something different to traditional leather. 

Or if a wooden-look isn’t your style, this wallet is also available in a range of colors from slate gray to vibrant red! So if you’re just looking for something to carry your essentials, look no further.

4. Coszea Men’s Leather Zipper Bi-fold Wallet

Coszea Men's Leather Zipper Bi-fold Wallet-min

If you’re looking for extra security then take a look at this zipper wallet. It proves that a zipper doesn’t have to ruin your style! Or restrict the amount of space you have!

It features multiple bill pockets and cardholders, including an exterior cardholder. So it’s a great companion if you’ve got a lot to organize.

But all this room can make the wallet bulkier. And if you’re looking for bright colors, this might not be the wallet for you. It is only available in classic black and brown. 

5. Kattee Men’s Vintage Long Wallet

Kattee Men's Vintage-Look Genuine Leather Long Wallet-min

This impressive wallet proves that a trucker wallet doesn’t have to scrimp on style! It is available in light or dark brown and embossed with a cool crocodile outline.

And each compartment is individually stitched together. So you can’t beat the quality of this wallet. Because of its longer design, this wallet manages to stay slim. At about one centimeter thick it is thinner than most regular bi-folds. 

6. Herschel Men’s Roy RFID Wallet

Herschel Men's Roy RFID Wallet-min

This wallet offers another alternative to traditional leather designs. You might be put off by the words ‘100% polyester’ but the Herschel Supply Company has a great reputation for top quality products. 

And this wallet is no exception. It features quality material liner, multiple card slots, and RFID-blocking technology. This is a must-have for anyone who wants a classy look. Hershel’s design and material make it the best mens slim wallet on the market.

7. Rawlings Magnetic Leather Phone Wallet

rawlings phone case wallet

With a slick style and extra section of cardholder slots, this wallet is the only thing you need to take out with you. And its unique magnetic clip means all your belongings will be extra safe within the genuine leather interior.

The only downside is that all the features come with a higher price tag. But users reported that is has worn well over time, and provided superior protection for phones and money.

8. Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve 2.0

Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve 2.0-min

This slim bi-fold proves you don’t need lots of bells and whistles to make a high quality wallet. The Bellroy ‘nude’ design combines classy, environmentally-sourced leather with high quality stitching for a wallet that will stand the test of time.

And with a bill pocket as well as cardholders, this wallet has a surprising amount of space without being bulky! 

Unfortunately this soft leather does need to be looked after carefully. After a while some customers reported that the cardholders lost their shape. And you don’t want your cards falling out while you’re on the go!

9. Kinzd Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Kindz Minimalist Thin Cardholder-min

Here’s another one for those of you who want to keep it simple- the best mens front pocket wallet is here. No folds, no bulky pockets. This streamline design will hold a couple of bills alongside your cards and sit lightly in your pocket. 

And if you’re looking for a slick, non-leather wallet then look no further! This cardholder is available in the traditional horse leather. But it is also available in carbon fibre leather, waxed vegetable leather and cork. 

10. Montblanc Men’s Classic Black Leather Wallet

Montblanc Men's Classic Black Leather Wallet-min

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This classic brand delivers a perfect example of the best mens bi-fold wallet. Embossed with their trademark star, it has plenty of room for all your cards and bills.

And the classic black leather design means you’ll always look slick with this in your hand. Although if you’re looking for something make a bold statement with this might not be it. This Montblanc is confident and traditional but if you want something jazzy, look elsewhere. 

Find the Right Wallet For You Today!

So there you have our recommendations for the best wallets for men! And for more tips on styling and accessories, check out our blog here

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